Dr. Keith Berend

“JIS Orthopedics partnered with PRS to launch physical therapy services.  Many years ago we attempted to run PT but were unsuccessful as we were simply not familiar with that business.  We chose to partner with PRS for multiple reasons, not the least of which is they have been dedicated to the management of Physician-Owned PT/OT for more than 20 years, and are a true risk-shared partner in the business. As with our surgery center, we wanted to partner with an organization that provided the highest quality, maximized the potential revenue, but also had the expertise to navigate the legal and regulatory aspects of PT.  Perhaps most intriguing to me is PRS’s benchmarking of the PT program against best practices and national standards not only in terms of patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, but also regulatory compliance, profitability, productivity, staffing models, and compensation.”

Joint Implant Surgeons

Dr. David Porter

“The transition from our prior management team to PRS was seamless and extremely beneficial. I think I speak for my fellow partners saying we appreciated the attention to our approach and how we utilize our physical therapy department as an extension of our clinical practice. PRS has done a great job of allowing us to continue to provide excellent care with resultant extremely favorable clinical outcomes while still improving the profitability and cordial/collegial atmosphere within our therapy department. We have noticed a significant improvement in our profits as well as the continued excellent relationship between the physician partners and the therapists who provide such great care to all our patients.”

Methodist Sports Medicine

Barbara Sack, MHSA, CMPE

“I knew that PT would be an important service line for Midwest Orthopaedics, but I struggled with how to implement a program that would be the quality we wanted and also the profitability I knew was possible when my knowledge and understanding of managing or implementing a PT program was almost non-existent. This was too big and too important a project to learn on the fly, and my time was being consumed by the never-ending cascade of issues that come with being an administrator of a small group. The learning curve would be steep, and there was no room for error. Physicians Rehab Solution has been the answer to a prayer. The depth of knowledge and expertise they bring to the table has allowed us to hit the ground running and quickly become profitable. The ongoing mentoring and support they provide to the PT team is something I treasure, and we are very pleased that we made the choice to work with them.”

Midwest Orthopaedics

Jaime Gaudet, NP, Clinical Practice Manager

“We selected PRS after a nationwide search to assist us with managing our new Physical Therapy venture. We had lots of challenges but PRS was there to assist and direct us to the best path. They put “troops on the ground” to ensure our launch was successful and trouble free. Following the launch we continued regular conference calls with the leadership team and regular site visits with my project manager. This always put us in front of any issue. We are now ahead of our scheduled ROI and are looking forward to another successful year. They are a team I trust and can count on whenever I need them.”

Gulfcoast Orthopaedics