PRS believes all clinicians are lifelong learners, and our goal is to create a work environment of continued clinical excellence for clinicians to learn, undergo mentorship, and to develop their leadership and clinical skills in order to provide the most up-to-date comprehensive evidence-based care.  Clinical excellence starts first and foremost with patient care rooted in clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.  Utilizing FOTO for clinical outcomes and patient satisfactions allows us to identify areas of individual clinical excellence and areas of opportunity.  The PRS Leadership Team provides mentorship to clinicians based on clinical skills and can recommend the highest-quality CEU courses.  We encourage our clinicians to explore board-certification opportunities as well as clinical certifications and skill development.  To foster development for clinicians, PRS has partnered with MedBridge to provide subscriptions to a comprehensive online CEU and patient engagement platform.  PRS has implemented a company-wide MedBridge CEU Development Program. PRS also feels it is crucial to invest in the leaders of the company to develop operational and leadership skills to promote a positive work environment based on servant leadership.  All clinic directors participate in a monthly leadership book club, quarterly group director calls, and an annual director retreat.  Not only do we feel it is important to invest in current staff, PRS believes we should invest in the future of our profession.  We highly encourage clinics to be hosts for clinical rotations and students who would like to volunteer.  The PRS Leadership Team, with approval from the physician practice, will assist in the clinical rotation process between the school and clinic. 

PRS recognizes enhanced profitability through a comprehensive approach that starts with evidence-based customized care. PRS provides regulatory compliant PT/OT billing training to our physician partners, which also including Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI edits) and continuous regulatory updates. Coupled with management and scheduling efficiencies, cost containment and purchasing discounts on equipment and supplies, our partners experience among the highest percentage of profitability among all outpatient rehab clinics throughout the nation.  This enhanced profitability is recognized all within a regulatory compliant, high patient satisfaction environment which minimizes the patient’s out of pocket expense because of specific attention to each patient’s pre-approved benefits and treatment coverages.  One-on-one care is emphasized with high quality clinical outcomes from a manual therapy, hands-on approach.

PRS has made State and Federal Regulatory Compliance a cornerstone of our clinical and business model.  Our CEO and Co-founder Tom Pennington, is a Physical Therapist who is currently Chair of the Kentucky State Licensure Board of P.T. that ensures both public protection as well as Regulatory Compliance for PTs and PTAs throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  PRS for over 30 years has relied on compliant financial and clinical methodologies from the largest Health Care Law Firm in the nation – Hall, Render, Killian, Heath, and Lyman, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana (hallrender.com/).  The cornerstone of our compliance begins with conservative evidenced-based PT/OT services provided by experienced and competent therapists that yield superb benchmarked clinical outcomes (approved by CMS) via a manual therapy, hands on approach. Therapist Peer Review and strict adherence to governmental and commercial billing guidelines are of paramount importance within our Corporate Compliance Plan. Ongoing compliance training and monitoring is a constant for the PRS Team. Therapists Managing other therapists allow for a transparent and solid corporate compliance environment based on conservative clinical excellence.

Many orthopaedic practices are unaware they can provide offsite therapy services, without on-site physician supervision. Strategically placed satellite clinic locations allow orthopaedic practices to expand their therapy footprint while increasing therapy access to patients across their service area. These patients now have the opportunity to receive the highest level of care from your therapy team leading to increased patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and program profitability.  PRS can assist your practice in identifying optimal locations for satellite clinic expansion, space selection and design, recruitment, purchase of equipment and supplies, and comprehensive management.

PRS is known for its cultural and clinical excellence in the private practice sector. Our commitment to servant leadership, our team members, our patients, and our physician partners is unwavering. Quite simply, this gives PRS a competitive advantage in recruiting the best qualified among the best experienced therapist in your community. There is another important factor, however, that gives Team PRS success in recruiting the best of the best—you and your physician group practice’s reputation for excellence! PRS’s recruitment campaign incorporates your experience and recommendation to identify the best clinical team members in your region. Coupled with internal promotions of PRS proven team members, local searches, and regional and national recruitment campaigns—PRS will build your dream team of clinical excellence with a customer service emphasis.

Functional clinical outcomes are a top priority for PRS to ensure patients are receiving quality, comprehensive evidence-based care.  PRS partners with FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes), which is the gold standard for therapy clinical outcomes and is utilized by the highest quality and best outpatient orthopedic practices across the nation.  FOTO is an outcomes management solution that captures and benchmarks risk-adjusted performance and allows for comparisons of clinics and individual practitioners throughout our company, as well as national benchmark comparisons. FOTO also provides the opportunity for PRS to focus on real-time information to improve treatment effectiveness and efficiency. Our therapists are held to high-standards of evidence-based care with the goal of well-exceeding the national average in all outcome categories. Collecting specific patient data allows therapists to utilize outcomes as a patient engagement tool to align with patients and our physician partners on specific functional goals. With our focus on quality outcomes, patients tend to achieve their goals and outcomes faster, ultimately reducing treatment costs and enhancing quality of life for the patient.  PRS outcomes are also used to identify growth opportunities for clinicians.  Continuous improvement performance efforts that are specific to the therapist and individual diagnosis/body part are monitored on a quarterly basis. The PRS Leadership Team will meet with the therapist to find specific mentorship or CEU opportunities to allow them to expand their knowledge, skill sets, and confidence in order to best serve the patient.  We have found that our outcomes provide objective evidence of quality patient care for our physicians and our payor sources. 

An exceptional patient experience from the moment a patient receives a therapy referral all the way to discharge of treatment is the cornerstone of PRS culture—Servant Leadership.  Our therapists are intentional about incorporating patient feedback on the patient’s specific goals and objectives to create an individualized treatment experience, which yields relevant and meaningful results for the patient. Realizing the expense of ever-increasing co-pays and deductibles, our therapy team wants to add significant value to each and every visit so we can maximize clinical outcomes with the fewest visits (and costs) for each patient. The servant leadership culture and collaboration with physicians, provide a patient-centered atmosphere where patients receive unique physical/occupational therapy care experience they could not receive in any other practice setting.  PRS measures patient satisfaction through objective FOTO patient satisfaction measures.  Patient satisfaction and quality data-driven outcomes go hand-in-hand.  Our therapy team is trained extensively in customer service and a servant leadership approach that we exemplify in all of our clinics. 

PRS takes pride in assisting our physician partners and rehab departments in developing and implementing exceptional clinical programming which is customized to the individual treating physician.  The PRS Leadership Team aligns with physician staff and therapists to create physician-specific and diagnostic-specific protocols.  Specialty interests of the physicians and therapists are also identified to create niche programs to better meet the needs of the patients, practice, and community.  Each PRS partnership is unique, and our goal is to meet the unique needs of each patient.  Some of the clinical programming and specialized treatment techniques PRS has implemented includes:

  • Post-op Home Therapy Visits
  • Telehealth
  • Prehab
  • Total Joint Camps/Virtual Total Joint Camps
  • Blood Flow Restriction
  • Sportsmetrics/ACL Injury Prevention Program
  • Dry Needling
  • Golf Performance Therapy
  • Dance Rehab
  • Vestibular Rehab
  • Walking/Running Programs
  • Balance Programs
  • Fall Prevention
  • Injury Prevention/Industrial Rehab
  • Concussion Rehab
  • Auto Injury Treatment
  • Sports Medicine
  • Cupping
  • KinesioTaping
  • Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)
  • Industrial Rehab
  • Gait/Run Analysis
  • Injury Screens
  • Many Others

PRS works closely with the physician practice to serve and give back to the community on behalf of the physician group and rehab department.  Our goal is for our therapy departments to have a community presence throughout the year in a variety of ways making sure to represent the physician practice at all times in a servant leadership manner.  We know our therapy team members are integral parts of their communities and know many of the patients on a personal level: they are involved in local churches, children attend schools, they go to local sporting events, etc., so there is no better way to give back than being actively involved.  Common ways our therapy teams are involved in their communities include volunteering with local events (charity 5Ks, school events, etc.), hosting community races, educational lectures on therapy-related topics, school career days, community screenings/assessments, training/mentoring students, etc.  The PRS Leadership Team will work closely with your physician group to ensure community involvement, service projects, and community contributions in a manner that aligns with your practice culture and values.