Tom Pennington, PT
President, C.E.O.
Philip Clements
Greg Perry
Karsten Clements
Chief Operating Officer
Hallie Ciochetty, DPT
V.P. of Clinical Services & Corporate Compliance
Aaron Molloy, DPT
V.P. of Operations
Chris Maguire, DPT
Regional V.P.
Lisa Murphy, DPT
Regional V.P.
Bill Hartman, PT
Regional V.P.
Steven Mistretta, DPT
Regional V.P.
Scott Smith, MPT
Regional V.P.
April Forrester
Director of H.R.
Jimmy Kev Clements
Director of Marketing
Nelda Steen
Executive Support Specialist
Bill Clark
Chief Development Officer
Brandon Phillips
V.P. of Development
Beck Pennington
Business Development Liaison